EL4Ant - A light Ant-based build system
Simple, fast and infinitely extensible


28/06/2006 — EL4Ant 0.9.3 is out
Many bug fixes and improvements have been implemented. See news

31/10/2005 — EL4Ant 0.9.2 is out
The first release of EL4Ant has been published on sourceforge. See news

28/10/2005 — Website is up
The first release of the project website has been published on sourceforge. See news

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EL4Ant project overview

EL4Ant is a light and efficient build system based on Apache Ant.

A user project is described as modules with transitive dependencies and attributes to configure target behavior. The Ant targets are generated from the XML project description during the configuration step. Features are provided thanks to a simple plugin infrastructure that eases the development of extensions.

Currently supported high-level features:

Plugin development enables to extend capabilities:

Getting started

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